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Managing disciplinaries and grievances requires a clear procedure by employers. Read our articles that will guide you through these processes and inform you of all the related employment law.

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Lawyer dismissed due to sex discrimination

Lawyer dismissed due to sex discrimination

A female lawyer, Gemma Long, has been discriminated against after returning from maternity leave. She was told she was not focusing on her work and had a performance assessment which was ‘stacked against’ her as a working mother. The tribunal was held at Reading in December 2021 and Judge Gumbiti-Zimuto said that she was not […]

Payout for teachers

payout for teachers

The NASUWT teachers union has revealed a teacher was awarded a £850,000 payout after being assaulted by a student in his class. The aim of the settlement was to reflect the impact of the assault and loss of income. Compensation fees will be paid by the academy chain insurers which the teacher worked for.The teacher, […]

Pregnant Employee fired over snooping on colleague emails loses dismissal tribunal

In 2020 Paige Mowatt, a pregnant employee and former insurance broker, was dismissed from her management role within One Call Insurance over snooping on colleague emails. To add context to the situation, Paige Mowatt worked as an insurance broker in a management role for One Call insurance, entering the role in February 2012, but was […]

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

dealing with workplace bullying

Dealing with workplace bullying is essential to ensure employees feel safe at work. It can manifest in the workplace in many forms. An overly critical boss may single out and belittle employees. Poorly managed staff may bully others by ignoring their ideas. Bullying between adult workers is often a taboo topic. There is a stigma […]

Can Tweets Cause a Dismissal from Employment?

dismissal from employment

An ongoing debate over the last few years is what worker rights are for social media use. The recent cases of racism following the European cup highlight the negative impact of abuse online. However, what are the responsibilities of employers regarding worker social media use? Furthermore, when is dismissal from employment justified? Unfair Dismissal From […]

Receptionist suffering from public phobia wins £56k after unfair dismissal

employment tribunal for public phobia

Case History Sacramenta D’Silva worked at a chest clinic at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust for 18 years. She lost her job after telling her employer that public facing work was impossible because of her ‘public phobia’. In a tribunal ruling D’Silva won £56,000 for unfair dismissal. After a long sick leave, she returned to […]

Free Guide: How to Manage an Employee With Long Covid

long covid employee

Long covid affects one in five people infected. Many among them may be your employees. Have you got procedures in place to make sure you are in compliance with employment law? During the covid 19 pandemic, it has emerged that the illness can persist beyond the two weeks of symptoms experienced by most. This experience […]

The True Cost of Resolving Work Disputes

resolving work disputes

Conflicts in the workplace are common and to a degree, unavoidable, especially in high stress environments. However, even for small trivial disputes, the hidden costs involved in resolving work disputes can be surprisingly high.  According to ACAS, the UK conciliation service, resolving work disputes can cost employers £28.5bn each year. (Roughly £3000 a year for […]

Can Employees Refuse to Come to Work because of COVID-19

employment rights

The affect of the pandemic continues to cause an influence how employers manage staff and businesses. The issue of health and safety in office spaces must require effective leadership to ensure employers uphold workers rights for safety .  Recent changes in employment rights law reflect these concerns. As of the 31st of May 2021, employees […]

Guidelines for Dismissing Someone with Poor Sickness Absence

sickness absence

For any employer of any company, there is an expected and understandable amount of sickness absence that they can expect from their employees, However, it is also understandable for employers to want to reduce the amount of sick leave and absenteeism by staff  to a minimal level. Doing so, however, requires having the right processes […]