Payout for teachers

payout for teachers

The NASUWT teachers union has revealed a teacher was awarded a £850,000 payout after being assaulted by a student in his class. The aim of the settlement was to reflect the impact of the assault and loss of income. Compensation fees will be paid by the academy chain insurers which the teacher worked for.
The teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, is unlikely to ever be able to return to teaching after suffering from PTSD and severe depression as a result of the assault. The teacher was punched in the face and kicked by the student whilst teaching a science lesson, which the student was not supposed to be attending. The student was suspended for three days due to previous disruptive and violent behaviour and the teacher was reassured the student would no longer take part in his classes. However the student appeared in the teacher’s science class on return from suspension. The teacher made the point that he should not be in that class and asked him to leave. The student walked out the room and shut the door, however he quickly returned to assault the teacher. He suffered numerous physical and psychological injuries due to the attack, including a significant head injury, tinnitus and hearing loss.
Another teacher, who teaches drama in a school in Wales, was secured £79,000 after being unfairly dismissed from her job after developing severe asthma after an unsuccessful refurbishment of her classroom in 2013. It was agreed by a medical professional that the asthma was caused by the working conditions. This was partly because mould was growing on the classroom walls and cracks had developed which allowed damp in. She had one asthma attack which led to her needing to be hospitalised. In 2019 she was dismissed from her employment due to her absences at work, however by this time, the asthma was under control and the working conditions had been changed. NASUWT brought claims forward for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.
General secretary of the NASUWT, Dr Patrick Roach, spoke about the compensation claims, saying the fees are only recognition of the personal and financial loss members have suffered. Compensation claims can never make up for the impact which discrimination, physical injuries and unfair treatment have on the teachers. They cannot compensate for the emotional, mental and physical stress members have experienced, leading some to feel they are unable to continue to teach. No doubt there are many other teachers that will have been driven out of their career after receiving poor, discriminatory or unfair treatment, but were too fearful to come forward because they believed nothing could be done.
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