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Receptionist suffering from public phobia wins £56k after unfair dismissal

employment tribunal for public phobia

Case History Sacramenta D’Silva worked at a chest clinic at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust for 18 years. She lost her job after telling her employer that public facing work was impossible because of her ‘public phobia’. In a tribunal ruling D’Silva won £56,000 for unfair dismissal. After a long sick leave, she returned to […]

Employee Protestors: Can my employee have time off to protest?

employee protestors

The Problem of Employee Protestors The past two years have seen an increase in protests addressing a range of issues. From climate change to black lives matter, people gathering in the streets has become a familiar sight. What if your employee is one of the protestors? More importantly, what if they should be at work […]

Toto Wolff – People Culture and Lessons for Small Business

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff, the Austrian CEO for the Mercedes F1 team has found huge success for his team over the last few years.  Most notable are his 7 successive F1 constructors’ championships, more than any other team. Wolff is a highly successful businessman, husband and father. However, Wolff is different from your regular multimillionaire CEO; hardly […]