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Organisational Design in 2020

Organisational Design

With the world of business going through a rapid period of transformation due to to the onset of Covid-19 now could be the perfect opportunity to redesign your organisation. In this article I look at Organisational Design and why it is worth considering right now. Why now? Change that usually takes years has happened in […]

What can HR learn from Agile methodology?

Agile has been in existence as an approach for decades in software development but is spreading through organisations as they realise that all teams would reap the benefits of operating less rigidly. To thrive in today’s environment, companies need to adjust quickly to market or industry change; something which often indicates a fundamental transformation away […]

Who is responsible for HR Management in an organisation?

The obvious answer to this question would be the “HR” Department or “People Function” but is it? If tomorrow, you decided to start up a company you most likely won’t have an HR department. You will most likely make most of the decisions of whom to hire and what to pay them. Giving the amount […]

Graduates are not work ready

Higher education institutions need to be doing more in preparing graduates for the real world of work According to research conducted by Pearson Business School, showed that 20% of graduates are lacking skills such leadership, negotiation and planning skills. Only 13% of graduates were regarded as ready for the workplace while over 66% were seen […]

What is the value of HR to businesses today?

1 in 5 working in HR do not feel their People Function is undervalued in their organisation according to a study. The poll found that HR, despite its positive influence in many organisations is still only considered as a back office function. Respondents revealed that they are regarded as the department that people can come […]