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What’s Employee Engagement? A key question for successful leaders

what's employee engagement?

Employee engagement in Europe and the UK continues to stagnate in a decade long trend. The COVID-19 pandemic made this worse, with 36% of employees in Western Europe indicating that their lives were affected ‘a lot’ by the pandemic and 24% indicating they lost pay due to the pandemic. For organisations and people to recover, […]

Organisational Design in 2020

Organisational Design

With the world of business going through a rapid period of transformation due to to the onset of Covid-19 now could be the perfect opportunity to redesign your organisation. In this article I look at Organisational Design and why it is worth considering right now. Why now? Change that usually takes years has happened in […]

How Covid-19 has made for better employee engagement

employee engagement

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is accelerating one of the most significant organisational transformations in generations. Indeed, it is a health crisis but also for many organisations. It is also a fantastic possibility to change. In the centre of a pandemic, research now signifies that organisations are managing their personnel much better than ever before. And employee […]

Recruitment: Advertising a role

recruitment advertising a job

Check if you need to advertise You’re not legally required to advertise a job, but it’s a good idea to do so.  Advertising a job means:  you’re less likely to break the law by discriminating, even if you did not intend to you’ll probably get a wider range of applicants who are suitable for the job […]

Managing Maternity: Planning Maternity Leave

Managing Maternity Leave

Planning maternity leave Before maternity leave starts, you should agree with your employee the best way to keep in touch about important changes or news at work. This includes arranging how you’ll keep in touch (for example, by email). By law you must tell them about: promotion or other job opportunities  redundancies any reorganisation that […]

Managing Maternity: Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety Maternity

The law says an employer must do a health and safety risk assessment for all women of child-bearing age. These include:  a pregnant employee and the unborn child she is carrying an employee who’s become a new mother in the last 6 months an employee who’s breastfeeding You can do a single assessment covering your […]

Managing Maternity: Avoiding discrimination

discrimination pregnant employee

Discrimination because of pregnancy or maternity You must not show discrimination against someone you employ, or are considering employing, because of: their pregnancy an illness related to their pregnancy, including related time off  maternity pay or leave they take, or plan to take The law applies regardless of how long the person has been employed. […]

What happens if you don’t pay the National Minimum Wage?

national minimum wage

It’s against the law to pay below the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage or to falsify pay records. Investigation by HMRC Anyone can report an employer to HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) for not paying the minimum wage. The initial report can be anonymous. If HMRC finds that an employer has not paid […]

What can HR learn from Agile methodology?

Agile has been in existence as an approach for decades in software development but is spreading through organisations as they realise that all teams would reap the benefits of operating less rigidly. To thrive in today’s environment, companies need to adjust quickly to market or industry change; something which often indicates a fundamental transformation away […]