What is the value of HR to businesses today?

1 in 5 working in HR do not feel their People Function is undervalued in their organisation according to a study.

The poll found that HR, despite its positive influence in many organisations is still only considered as a back office function.

Respondents revealed that they are regarded as the department that people can come and have moan to.

Sarah Dowzell, co-founder of Natural HR which conducted the study, said it was ”shocking that so many HR professionals still don’t feel included in top level strategic decision making,” especially as recruitment and retention were becoming strategically important issues in a broader range of businesses.


Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, said the role of HR was becoming “increasingly vital as the world of work evolves and organisations and people need to adapt.”

Speaking at the time the report was launched, Cheese said: “Having confidence in our own professional judgement is crucial to making better decisions in the workplace. 

“Even though it might challenge some of the norms or expectations, having the self-assurance with knowledge, insights and evidence to make good and fair judgements is key to helping our profession build trust and credibility and help us stay at the fore of business development and change.”

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