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The Redundancy Process – Costs and Alternative Solutions

redundancy process

The Current Pandemic has left many business owners in a difficult position. Many find themselves having to cut costs and often this can mean having to make some employees redundant. However, the costs for a redundancy process isn’t free and there are several costs you must consider. There are also a number of alternative solutions […]

Launching the Redundancy Toolkit


Today I am pleased to announce Beagle HR is launching a new toolkit to help those businesses navigate their way through redundancy. We do not believe a business should have to pay thousands of pounds for someone to tell them what to do. Our simple easy to use toolkit will guide you through the process. […]

Keeping employees engaged during a restructuring


The impact of coronavirus has meant that corporate restructuring is impacting more of us than ever before. Below are some tips for organisations navigating this to ensure that employees remain engaged through the process. The phrase ‘restructuring’ covers a structural change carried out in an industry, business, and/or establishment level. It could be seen as […]

What is Furlough Leave? (The Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme)

furlough leave

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is a short-term scheme open to all UK employers (Also known as Furlough Leave) for at least three months starting from 1 March 2020. It is built to support organisations whose business have been severely affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). Organisations can use a portal to claim for 80% of furloughed […]

Calculating Redundancy Pay

Calculating Redundancy Pay

You must pay redundancy to employees who have: an employment contract worked for 2 full years  How to calculate redundancy pay You must pay at least the statutory amount to your employees. Use the GOV.UK redundancy pay calculator to work out an employee’s statutory redundancy pay.   How much redundancy pay each employee gets depends on their age […]

Giving the notice to make an employee redundant

Redundant Notice

You can only give notice and make an employee redundant once you’ve finished consulting everyone. It’s best to tell an employee face-to-face that you’re making them redundant. You should also let them know in writing. You should include in the letter: their notice period leaving date how much redundancy pay they’re due how you calculated the […]

Selecting employees for redundancy

Selecting Employees for Redundancy Image

Selecting employees for redundancy must be done in a fair way and not discriminate against any individuals or groups. It’s a good idea to use selection criteria to help you choose which employees to make redundant. You should base the criteria on: standard of work skills, qualifications or experience   attendance record (do not include […]

Redundancies: Consulting employees

Redundancies Consultantion Image

Consultation is when you sit down with employees to explain your planned changes and get their feedback and input. Your plans must not be finalised at this stage and you should aim to include any employees’ suggestions or ideas you agree with. Who you must consult You must discuss your planned changes with each employee […]

Redundancy: How to avoid

Redundancy image

You can avoid job losses by planning ahead and looking at other options. Before making employees redundant you should see if you can: offer voluntary redundancy or early retirement agree to flexible working temporarily reduce working hours ask employees to stop working for a short time  retrain employees to do other jobs in your business let […]