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Emergency Volunteer Leave: What you need to know

emergency leave

Revealed within the Coronavirus Bill last month, the government plans to create a temporary right to statutory emergency volunteering leave to permit workers, employees and agency staff to have unpaid leave to volunteer in health and social care. If the suggested entitlement is taken forward, workers can pick to take unpaid volunteer leave in blocks […]

What is Furlough Leave? (The Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme)

furlough leave

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is a short-term scheme open to all UK employers (Also known as Furlough Leave) for at least three months starting from 1 March 2020. It is built to support organisations whose business have been severely affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). Organisations can use a portal to claim for 80% of furloughed […]

What must be written into an employment contract

written contract

The following must all be included in the same document (the ‘principal statement’): the employer’s name the employee’s name the start date (the day the employee starts work) the date that ‘continuous employment’ (working for the same employer without a significant break) started  pay, including how often and when (for example, £1000 per month, paid on […]

What is a contract of employment?

contract employment

An employment contract is a legal relationship between an employer and an employee. The employer should check the employment status of the person they’re employing as it can affect what contract is needed. What an employer must provide in writing By law, an employer must provide anyone who’s classed as an employee with the terms of their […]