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Calculating Redundancy Pay

Calculating Redundancy Pay

You must pay redundancy to employees who have: an employment contract worked for 2 full years  How to calculate redundancy pay You must pay at least the statutory amount to your employees. Use the GOV.UK redundancy pay calculator to work out an employee’s statutory redundancy pay.   How much redundancy pay each employee gets depends on their age […]

Managing Maternity: Pay and leave entitlement

Managing Maternity Pay and Levae

Maternity pay starts as soon as your employee starts maternity leave.  Pay set out in the employment contract The employee’s contract should state: how much pay they get when on maternity leave how long they get this pay for Pay set out in the employment contract is known as ‘enhanced’ or ‘contractual’ maternity pay, if it’s above […]

Do I have to pay overtime to my employees?

overtime pay

Some employers choose to offer pay to employees for working more hours than the employment contract says. Although some employers offer overtime pay, there’s no automatic legal right to it. Any rules, such as how much it is, must be written in the employment contract or agreed verbally. What some employers might offer Some employers might offer: […]