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How is IR35 for Self Employed Contractors Problematic?

ir35 for self employed

Recent reforms that concern IR35 for self employed workers can be problematic for many companies using contractors. Definition: “The rules make sure that workers, who would have been an employee if they were providing their services directly to the client, pay broadly the same Income Tax and National Insurance contributions as employees. These rules are […]

Gary Lineker Accused of 4.9M liability under IR35

disguised employee

TV personality, Gary Lineker, has had accusations by HM Revenue and Customs of being a disguised employee under IR35. This means he may be liable for £4.9m in tax. IR35 legislation is imposed by the UK government to tackle tax avoidance from any “disguised employee” who provide services through limited companies. The legislation works by […]

IR35 for Construction

IR35 for construction

General overview of IR35 The off payroll rules known as IR35 used to clamp down on tax and NI avoidance from people working through limited companies, has undertaken some important changes over the last few years. One sector that must adapt accordingly is the construction sector. This article shall serve an IR35 for dummies approach […]