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Handling a Sexual Harassment Complaint

sexual harassment

As an employer, you should: take any complaint of sexual harassment very seriously handle it fairly and sensitively The employee or worker making the complaint may start by talking to you to try and resolve the problem. If they do not feel comfortable doing this or the issue is particularly serious, they can raise a formal grievance. […]

What to do when an employee raises a grievance


Many workplace problems can be resolved informally, for example through a quiet chat.  An employee could raise a problem informally by telling their line manager or someone else at work (for example, another manager or someone in HR). It does not have to be in writing at this stage. Take the problem seriously If an […]

How to manage a flexible working request appeal?

It’s a good idea to listen to an appeal if your employee: has information that was missed or not available when you made the decision feels you did not follow your workplace’s policy or the Acas Code of Practice on flexible working requests There’s no legal right for an employee to appeal a flexible working request. […]