Changes in providing proof of sickness and the process of obtaining a fit note letterEMPLOYERS GUIDE (COVID19)

In this article, you will learn about the changes in providing proof of sickness and the process of obtaining a fit note. It will explain how to obtain a fit note letter from their doctor and show it to you.

A fit note is a letter from the doctor or medical professional to advise their opinion on employees health, previously called sick notes. It is a detailed statement from the medical health professional stating the date of diagnosis. Also, it states the length of absence from work, and any relevant supporting letter for the employee.

The government has placed changes in statutory Sick Pay (SSP). The changes occur from 10 December 2021 until 26 January 2022, where the employers can not request fit notes before 28 days.

You will also understand what to look for in the fit note in terms of its structure. Guide you to understand, how doctors help you get the employee back to work as soon as possible. These changes are taking place to give GP’s and health clinics more time to work on Coronavirus (Covid19) vaccination booster programme.

When to get a fit note?

Due to the Covid19 Booster programme, the usual seven days rule has now changed to 28 days. The employee to get a fit note from the doctor to prove of sickness for work that means employers can not ask for proof of illness. 

Before 10 December 2021 After 10 December 2021Fit note requirements
Fit note after 7 DaysFit note after 28 DaysYes required
Self-certifying before 7 daysSelf-certifying before 28 daysNot required 

In the UK, the employee can self certify sickness themselves. It should be before 28 days and so they can still get paid the amount that is in their contracts. In this case, employers can not ask for proof of illness. 

The steps to get fit note:

Having open communication with your employer discuss the severity of the sickness. If it goes beyond the 28th-day margin, the doctor will only provide them with a fit note letter. Employer can inform the employee in advance to book an appointment may help the process of getting a fit note easier. 

Structure of a fit note:

Fit notes provide an official statement from the doctor to state if the employee is not fit to work or might be fit. 

Generally, suppose the employee is not fit to work. In that case, the doctor will suggest a list of recommended tasks to carry out. Such as flexible working or different duties to help the person get back to work as soon as possible. If the employee can not carry out that task the doctor reminds them to do, they can put into ‘not fit to work’ without requesting another fit note.

Employer Guide to Employee’s medical record form

To find out about your employee’s health and medical records, you may want to assess if they can continue to carry out their work. So it’s important to look out for potential health and safety risks. You can request the doctors’ report about your employees (the template letter to an employee’s doctor to ask for an employee health).
Employee medical records must be kept confidential for your history. However, before you request this, you have to contact your employee first to agree and verify their acknowledgement of the doctor’s report. t is essential to get an agreement with your employee to share this with you.

Handling Confidential information

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), the employer needs to keep its staff members information secure. To ensure your personal and medical information remains secure. Beagle HR’s software keeps all employee data safe, giving you peace of mind. 

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