A step-by-step guide on implementing inclusive hiring practices in 2022

Inclusive hiring practices

Regardless of how many hirings we’ve done in the past, implementing inclusive hiring practices in 2022 can increase your company’s employee retention and productivity.

Diversifying your recruiting approach may help your company expand much quicker with a new attitude and can help you create an inclusive working environment.

This post will walk you through the process of creating inclusive recruiting practices step by step.

In job descriptions, skills supersede over education and work experience

Employers frequently check for education and previous experience on resumes, and this is understandable given that our prior experiences. This determines who we are, however, in order to build a more inclusive recruiting process, this should be done more based on the job. That they are capable of doing, and performing transferable abilities can assist in being more inclusive.

Declaring terms on gender type on the job description constitutes unlawful discrimination. Therefore, it’s critical to completely examine job description wordings and formatting that don’t designate a gender impression. Job descriptions are important since they are the first thing that candidates will look at, and making a good first impression will entice them to apply.

Most businesses look into degrees and past work experiences as requirements that do not always match the potential skills set of a candidate, and therefore most outstanding candidates are turned off by this. As a result, while trying to hire the best applicant, they can come from varied backgrounds.

 How to write inclusive job descriptions the correct way

Inclusive job descriptions, especially for recruiting managers, must focus on explaining what to achieve in the role, mentioning what success looks like within the role, and what they can expect from the company to encourage the applicant rather than education,  work experience, and any other additional requirements, and not include any impression to alert underrepresented talent. As a result, these steps will assist you in taking your hiring to the next level by writing an inclusive job description. 

  • Avoid using gender pronouns (he/she) and instead refer to them as (they/you) when adopting the gender-neutral language. 
  • Discuss your emphasis on diversity and inclusion (D & I) with candidates from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and impairments 
  • Substitute effective outcomes and results for requirements.

Finally, in order to create an inclusive culture, you must always strive to improve and be willing to change your company’s inclusive job description.

Tips: Gender decoder and textio are two tools that can help you make your job description accurate.

 Using the employee value proposition (EVP) to help underrepresented candidates get hired

What exactly is an employee value proposition, and what characteristics distinguish a successful employee value proposition? Find out what examples of employee value propositions there are in 2022!

An employee value proposition (EVP) is a unique set of benefits that an employee receives in return for the capabilities, skills,  and experience they bring to a company. When embedded into all aspects of a business, a strong Employee Value Proposition will help retain the best performers and attract the top external talent.. I 

Businesses can sometimes attract the best talent based on their brand. but branding isn’t enough to support an inclusive hiring strategy. So implementing inclusive practices with an authentic environment alongside a great company culture. This can put your business in the driving seat when it comes to securing the best talent available. This includes a good flexible working environment. For example, remote work is becoming one of the most popular considerations when candidates decide to work for a company.

As a result, providing that flexibility as an option, as well as enhanced parental leave and other development programmes. This can help in attracting a diverse range of candidates. So, in terms of building a diverse and inclusive workplace, offering a full range of EVP will boost businesses. Also, the brand’s distinctiveness in increasing top talent recruiting over rivals. 

Diversify and widen your partnership approach with new brands

Businesses can collaborate by partnering with various organisations so that the recruitment functions can create connections. By having trust in order to maximise their chances of attracting top talent across several disciplines. 

It is common for two businesses to sometimes collaborate. These collaborations might be a tremendous source of inclusive hiring for people with disabilities and underrepresented talent. 

University school partnerships with other public sector bodies are examples of collaboration that can lead to hiring diverse groups

Leveraging  technology to increase inclusion and reduce human biases

How can technology drive company development and transformation?

Leveraging technology is a vital aspect in the expansion of a business’s ability to perform successfully while also providing a solution to reduce human error.

Implementing technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, can perform decision making. Instead of humans screening prospective candidates from the initial stage up until the interviewing stage. Allowing employers to identify diversity and inclusive underrepresented talent while mitigating bias in the hiring process. 

If you are in the process of establishing inclusive recruiting practices and want guidance and help. Or if you have any related questions, please contact us.