Post Lockdown Right to Work Check Update 2021

right to work check

Following several requests, the government have decided to postpone having employers carry out a right to work check face to face. These measures will now extend until the 21st of June.

During the pandemic, the government allowed virtual checks as a way of making the process easier for employers. Until the 21 June, employees will still be able to submit documents by submitting a scanned copy or photo to their employer. After this date right to work checks will have to be carried out face to face.

Two organisations who lobbied for this decision include the Association of Professional Staffing Companies and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

“This is a big win for recruiters. It allows them to continue with digital checks while social distancing is still in place”.

REC campaigns director, Shazia Ejaz.

The implementation of digital right to work checks has also caused some to consider whether physical checks are necessary at all moving forward. One being legal counsel and head of public policy at APSCo, Tania Bowers. Bowers states:

“Physical checking does not mean safer. People are not as good as technology is at spotting fraudulent documents. We had hoped that the Home Office would prioritise the expansion of digital checks – a process much more suitable for the modern world of flexible work – it also flies in the face of the Home Office’s ‘digital by design’ concept and we will continue to lobby government for a permanent digital check which have worked so well over the last year.”

Legal counsel and head of public policy at APSCo, Tania Bowers.

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